The Many Symptoms of OCD

There are a lot of different symptoms of OCD that can help people identify whether or not they have it. Even if someone shows several symptoms they should see a doctor before they diagnose themselves. There are a lot of other mental disorders that are closely related to OCD and will show the same symptoms. Doctors will run a number of different tests in order to give the proper diagnosis. The symptoms are just one part of the diagnosing process, but they are looked at very closely.

Compulsion symptoms

Compulsions are repetitive behaviors that sufferers have to perform in order to get rid of their obsessive thoughts. This is only temporary relief, the thoughts and compulsions will come back. Everyone has different compulsions based on their individual personality. Some examples of symptoms include: counting, keeping order, repeating actions, washing, cleaning and checking on things.

Some people have to flip their light switch ten times when they come home while others have to wash their hands 100 times per day to help them avoid germs. There are thousands of different examples of these.

Obsession symptoms

Obsessions are ideas or thoughts that come into the mind and will not go away. Generally these thoughts are unwanted ideas that most people would never act out on, like hurting a loved one. Most of these thoughts make absolutely no sense and will come at all times during the day and night.

Some obsessions are fears, some are sexual and some are aggressive. Some of the most common obsessions include: fear of being touched, thoughts of being in a car accident, images of hurting a loved one, repeating pornographic images, hair pulling and skin lesions from picking at the skin. These have the ability to cause a lot of anxiety for people because they are so persistent and won't seem to go away.

Symptoms of OCD in children

Children don't always know how to express themselves and their anxieties. This is why they will act out in so many different ways that parents might not understand. Actions are easier for children to do and can make them feel better about things that might be stressing them out. There are a lot of symptoms that parents can look out for, but these will differ for each child. Going to a doctor is important if many of these are experienced.

Some of the most common obsessions parents can look for include: fear of germs, need for a clean bedroom, aggressive behavior, lucky numbers, fearing that loved ones will get hurt and need for order. Adults should realize when a behavior is more out of control than it should be with their kids. Obsessive behaviors are pretty easy to spot with most kids.

Some common compulshons in children include: clearing the throat, twitching, rituals that have to be followed exactly, counting items, repeating things, washing hands, showering often and many more. Compulsions are not always as common as obsessions are. Just because a child is cleaning their room often and washing their hands doesn't necessarily mean they have OCD. Sometimes these symptoms will go away as a kid grows up; it all varies based on the individual.

Important facts about symptoms

Each person is different with the types of symptoms they have, but this can change as an individual grows older. Even if one symptom occurs during the adolescent years of a child, they could gain many others as they grow into a young adult. The severity of OCD will depend on the person, their experiences and where they live as well. Sometimes OCD can easily be controlled by someone when they know how to calm themselves, but it can easily become uncontrollable and a huge hazard to health.

Family members should keep a close eye on loved ones that have OCD. There can be times when the severity of the symptoms rises and the individual ends up hurting themselves or someone else. In order to avoid this, treatment from a doctor should be sought after. Medication is an immediate treatment that can help balance out the serotonin inside the brain. This is often the best treatment option for sufferers because it calms them down and greatly reduces their levels of anxiety.

Article Source: David Rodrigue

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