Stress, and The Power of Emotions

Recent studies in social psychology and economics reveal the incredible importance of emotional intelligence. This form of intelligence affects every aspect of a person's life, from how much they will earn to their overall happiness with life.

Emotional intelligence describes the ability of an individual to make critical insights into their current emotional state. This has also been called heart intelligence because of the association between higher emotional intelligence and being in tune with one's own 'heart rhythm.'

Stressors in life are constant. Everyone experiences stress on daily basis, no matter if they are happy or depressed, healthy or sick.

What is being found more and more is that the people who manage their stress most effectively, and in turn are happier, are the people who look deeply into what is stressing them and find ways to remove that stress. These people have a high heart intelligence. They do not necessarily eliminate the stress from their life, rather they are able to reframe their reaction to the stressor.

For example, a common stressor is getting stuck in a traffic jam. People with low heart intelligence tend to become angry and form a new, detrimental heart rhythm because of these stressors. They often see the universe as 'out to get them' or as though they are 'the only one who has bad things happen to them.' These feelings of anger, sadness, and persecution will over time contribute to health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

People with high heart intelligence on the other hand are able to regulate their emotions and re-frame their outlook on the situation. These people will say to themselves "this is just a minor irritation in life" and find ways to be thankful for the situation they are in. Thankfulness may be something like "It's a good thing that (inconvenience) happened, for if it were not for that, I would have ended up in this (outcome) worse situation. Or, an acceptance of the situation may be something like "the car breakdown preventing a scheduled road trip probably means I am not meant to go anyway."

While in each example, the stressor is not removed from life, they have instead reshaped the way they react to stress into a more productive and healthy manner. This keeps a person with high heart intelligence in tune with their heart rhythms and leads to a healthy, more satisfying life.

Fortunately, everyone can increase their emotional intelligence with a little practice. Try this: place your right hand over your chest, feeling your heartbeat, and find a genuine sentiment of appreciation for someone or something in your life. Make sure it is a true sentiment of appreciation or warmth. Focus on this feeling of gratitude for 15-20 seconds and then remove your hand.

This activity will help you get into alignment with your heart rhythm. Practice exploring your emotions in this way a few times a day. When stressful situations arise, repeat this exercise and find sentiments of inner peace. This will not only realign you with your heart rhythm but also increase your heart intelligence and give you a healthier more fulfilling life.

Not too bad for a few seconds of soul searching!

Cathy founded Wellness Coach Connection in 2009 and is using her knowledge and experience to help others manage stress and bring balance to their lives. Her company focuses on the busy professional who deals with a tremendous amount of stress in their daily lives and who are facing the serious issue of burnout. In fact it is this issue of burnout where Cathy has made the biggest contribution to her field. Her innovative program; Burnout Breakthrough! is a holistic stress management program with biofeedback as its foundation.

Article Source: Cathy Schuttler


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