Symptoms and Treatment of Relationship OCD

What relationship OCD is and symptoms of it

Most people today know exactly what OCD is, but they aren't familiar with all the different types that exist. For example, relationship OCD is extremely common, but far less recognized. Some people have this disorder and don't even realize it; they just think their issues arise from regular relationship insecurities. When someone does have this particular type of disorder they can end up ruining their relationship because of their constantly changing feelings and emotions.

How does relationship OCD work?
This particular form of OCD causes people to question their partner and whether or not they really are the right one for them. They will take that question to the next level by thinking they might not love them because these questions are arising in the first place.

When sufferers are in their relationship they focus on the flaws that they have and determine, from those, that they cannot truly be in love with the person they are with. They don't realize that all relationships have struggles and problems because two people are forming a new life together.

Most of the time this disorder causes a couple to break up because of the constant insecurities of the person with OCD. Even if they are in a really good relationship, the sufferer can easily break things off. This is normally because they feel like the relationship isn't absolutely perfect, like they might see on television or in movies. Most relationship OCD sufferers will spend a large amount of time comparing their relationship to other people, even if they don't know them.

No matter how much a sufferer loves their partner they will constantly question themselves and their love because they are always thinking about it. This has the ability to cause a lot of fights, create bad attitudes and wear both people out mentally. The partner of someone with this disorder can easily become aggravated because they feel inadequate. It can be really hard for someone to see that their partner is always questioning the relationship, even if it's not because of any valid reasons.

Triggers of this type of OCD
The triggers are almost always thoughts and images of other couples. Sufferers might see a romance movie and feel that their own relationship is inadequate because it's not just like that of the movie. They don't register that the relationship they just saw was not real and did have its flaws. The sufferer only sees the good parts of the relationships that other people have. They don't understand that there are bad parts that come along with those, which everyone has to deal with. Any people with relationship OCD are also going to compare their own relationship to those of their friends and family. This can cause everything from nightmares to images of their partner cheating because they are so insecure. Although something like this seems like paranoia, it's much worse than that. The sufferer is actually tortured by these types of images coming into their head obsessively.

Treatment for relationship OCD
One of the best options, when it comes to treatment, is therapy. This is something the sufferer can do on their own or with their partner. They can also do a combination of both if they want a well-rounded therapy experience. During their sessions they will learn about their obsessions and tools for changing the way they think. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, it could take weeks or even months for someone to really adapt to the changes the therapist teaches. It will be worth it when the sufferer is able to control their thoughts and have a healthy relationship without the constant obsessions.

The difference will be night and day when someone goes through the treatment that they need for this form of OCD. This can even mean not needing to take depression pills for some people. This is due to the anxious thoughts not stopping the sufferer from living a nice life with the partner they love. The constant negativity isn't going to be an issue once the individual learns how to adjust their thinking in a positive manner. Any relationship can thrive when there isn't a constant problem being analyzed by one of the parties.

Article Source: David Rodrigue


  1. For more information about relationship OCD and to participate in ROCD research you can visit

  2. My (at this moment) ex boyfriend suffers with servere ocd and after recently discovering the existance of rocd, I feel that he also suffers with this. We have been together 18months and we have really battled through his mental health problems aswell as all the other issues relationships face. I adore my boyfriend and I am heartbroken that he can easily push me and our relationship out of his life. This isn't the first time we've been through this but its longer this time and I'm scared its the end. I've tried to make his friends and family aware of rocd in hope that they might reassure him how good our relationship is. However due to a large age gap, I bet they are doing the opp :( Does anyone know what I can do? He won't talk to me, rarely replies to texts and says its over. He still tells me he loves me in the odd text and he's missing me, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think?. I will struggle terribly if I have to move on but hoping and waiting for him to see sence is torture too.

  3. This is my first time to see this blog but I really like it very informative. A symptom is a departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed by a patient, indicating the presence of disease or abnormality. A symptom is subjective observed by the patient, and cannot be measured directly.

  4. hey jay! I am sorry to hear about that and i know its hard to stay with somebody that has a rocd. My current gf has a rocd, pretty severe and she breaks up with me every 2 weeks and comes bask saying she likes me and loves and she misses me and stuff. Rocd is almost like spilt personality like they are a different person when they flip with stress and anxiety with their doubts and questions. Jus start talking to him normally, preferably meet him or atleast talkin over phone after some time tell him all the things he told you like he misses you and he loves and ur beautiful. if u can copy and paste the stuff so realizes the reality and will come back once he is back you can take him to therapy as soon as possible. i would suggest you to go with him as eventually he ll see the effort your taking and this will diminsh the rocd to a certain level. Once your in therapy its good and i heard its help people in a major way. the more you stay calm and controlled the easier for them to come back to reality. like when he breaks up. jus say ok and if u feel that way i guess we can talk and sent calm and friendly with smiley or smiling talks and the more they see ur calm they ll feel bad and realize that there decision is stupid and baseless. i really hope u get ur bf back and you guys stay happy together.wish u all the best.

  5. Getting a hypnotherapy really helps as it gets into the root of the issue. Glad that this kind of treatment is already available for everyone and that it is not as discreet as favor when it comes to dealing with OCD cases.

  6. I constantly feel like I may have crushes on other boys that come into my life and I constantly think about how my life would be with them instead of my boyfriend whom I like very much. Is this a part of rocd?

    1. Omg! I have the exact same thing as you!! I'm in a great relationship, but I get these thoughts about others guys too. Right now it feels like I like another guy who goes in my class, and I have so high anxiety because it feels so true. Sure, I find him attractive, but my girlfriends says that's okay, they even say it's okay to like another guy! But I think when you can't get something out of your head, like this I have... I really believe it's ocd (rocd). I really just want all of this to go away, I'm so sad :( HUGS!

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