OCD Disorder, Facts, Symptoms, Treatment

How to understand OCD disorder

OCD disorder is something that many people think they understand but most have the wrong ideas about it. This is a form of anxiety disorder that creates endless thoughts and behaviors for the sufferer. The thoughts that an OCD sufferer has will repeat themselves over and over, which creates a lot of stress and anxiety for individuals. In addition to thoughts, a lot of people have recurrent images that run through their head endlessly. When the thoughts get bad enough they lead to the compulsive side of this disorder.

The rituals are what most people think of when they are talking about OCD. The compulsive rituals are performed by the sufferer to help make the thoughts and images go away and stop causing them distress. There are a lot of different types of rituals that are done; each person is different with what they do.

One of the most recognized rituals that people know today is washing hands. Some people might joke around that they have this disorder because they hate germs, but the real disorder is much worse than this.

The rituals might have to be done hundreds of times per day in order for the individual to feel normal once again. There are also certain situations and triggers that can cause the thoughts or rituals to become problems. Whenever the need returns, the person who has OCD will have to do the ritual in order to start feeling less anxiety. This can easily get in the way of normal life for anyone. Even something simple, like going to the grocery store, can become a huge challenge. People should also realize that sufferers know they have a problem, but they cannot stop it from happening.

Fears are some of the biggest obsessions that most people deal with on a daily basis. Fear of dirt and germs is quite common and so is fear of making a mistake or being embarrassed. There are also a lot of people who have fear of hurting someone else because of thoughts that come into their head that are not rational. For example, someone might obsess about hurting their children because they have an image of doing so. Most people will not act on this thought; but it will be something that goes through their head all day and night because the action isn't being satisfied.

When it comes to compulsions, there are a lot of different actions that people can perform. Showering and washing hands often is very common as is hoarding items that don't have any value or meaning. This is something most people know about because there are now reality television shows about hoarding. Other common compulsions include: counting, repeating, arranging things and eating in a certain way. When people perform their rituals they absolutely have to be done in the way that is right to them. Even being off slightly can cause a sufferer to have a lot of stress and anxiety about what is going on.

There is no exact cause of OCD disorder, which can make diagnosis difficult for some people. Sometimes this is passed down by genetics, there could also be physical problems or sometimes environmental issues can be to blame. When it comes to looking at genetics, generally one parent would have had this or some other form of anxiety disorder.

An imbalance of serotonin is also common with individuals who have this disorder. Since serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter that is required for the brain to respond to certain situations, it needs to be balanced out. If this is the cause for someone having OCD they will need to take medications to help balance them out.

Antidepressants are made to increase serotonin and can help out a lot. There are side effects for each of these, so sometimes it might take two or three trials to find the right medication for an individual. Therapy is also a great choice since it's all-natural and very effective. This will teach each individual the tools they need to control their thoughts and reduce anxieties. They will also be exposed to situations they fear so they can overcome the feelings that are associated with them. A combination of these two treatments is something people use as well.

Article Source: David Rodrigue

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